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Project concept for Cycle 4

Complete this form to register your interest in the Technology Leadership Cycle 4 call for projects.  

This form should be filled out by the anticipated project lead organization who must be an organization from the private sector with operations in Canada. The lead organization must be at minimum an Associate Member before submitting this form. You can join for free here.

All details about this call including our areas of interest and eligibility can be found in our Program Guide.  

Proposed projects must: 

  • consist of a minimum of three organizations participating in a project consortium (not including the Supercluster), each contributing in a meaningful way 

  • include at least one small or medium sized enterprise (SME)  

  • at least one post-secondary institution (PSI) 

  • be incremental to the regular business undertakings of any of the individual participating organizations 

All projects are expected to feature diverse, inclusive teams with meaningful participation of women, Indigenous Peoples and/or other underrepresented groups. 

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