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Accessing Legal Information for Traffic Offence Tickets

Share your feedback on access to traffic offence legal information.

Public Legal Education Association and Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan in collaboration with the Government of Saskatchewan are gathering feedback from Saskatchewan residents to help improve access to free legal information, self-help tools, and resolving electronic notice tickets.     This includes tickets issued by police under The Traffic Safety Act; The Commercial Hours of Service Regulations; and certain offences pursuant to The Vehicle Equipment Regulations, 1987.

Information collected will only be used for the purposes identified for this particular survey and your participation is voluntary and responses are confidential.     You can leave the survey at any time. This survey takes around 5 minutes to complete.  The Government of Saskatchewan will not be responding to individuals or organizations that participate.

Closing date: 12:00 Midnight, January 31, 2021

Thank you for your participation!

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
We are committed to protecting your privacy and collecting, using and disclosing your personal information in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and its associated regulations. 
Please answer the following questions based on your experience with your most recent traffic ticket.
1. Have your received a ticket in the past 3 years? 
2. Did you search for legal information after you received your most recent traffic ticket? 
How did you access the information? Check all that apply.
Why not?
Were you able to find the information on the following topics? Please add other topics you were looking for and if you were able to find it.  
Space Cell Not applicable to my situationYes, I found informationNo, I could not find information
The court process
Timelines for responding to ticket
What options you have to deal with the ticket
Who to contact for legal information
Consequences for not dealing with the ticket
Overall, how would you describe how easy it was to find legal information regarding traffic offences/tickets? 
Very easyEasyNeutralDifficultVery difficultDon't know/unsure
3. Have you ever gone to court for previous traffic tickets? 
Did you experience any challenges with your court case? (Check all that apply)
What challenges did you experience with your court case? (Check all that apply)