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Canadian Hematology Society Abstract Award Application

This program offers research awards to hematology trainees in Canada in the categories of:


The John H. Crookston Award is presented each year for the best paper given by a resident.

This submission is only valid with proof of abstract acceptance for ASH 2021 meeting.

Please consider your application complete when you have received email confirmation that your complete application has been received. Only one abstract per individual will be accepted.                                      

Deadline:  October 29, 2021 @ 800h ET.
1. Award category for application *This question is required.
2. Contact Information *This question is required.
3. Research Supervisor Information (of the applicant)
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7. Upload Abstract (Allowed types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, doc, xls, docx, xlsx, pdf, txt, mov, mp3, mp4
Max file size: 500 KB). Please note, only one abstract per individual will be accepted *This question is required.
8. Upload Photo(This can be skipped for now however all winners must be prepared to submit a colour photo and brief bio)