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CPAWSB Tutor Intake Form


In an effort to provide additional support resources to learners working their way through the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) and/or the CPA Preparatory courses (PREP), the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) compiles a list of CPA Members, CPAWSB educational contractors, and recent successful CFE writers who have indicated through this tutor survey that they are willing to offer tutoring services to our learners.

Information for tutoring for CPAWSB tutors can be found on the CPAWSB website (other opportunities):

New Tutors:
For prospective tutors who have not provided their contact information to us through this survey previously, thank you for offering your support to CPAWSB learners and becoming involved in the CPAWSB tutor community. Please complete the following survey, and we will be in contact with you for the next steps on completing the Tutor Orientation training.

Existing Tutors:
Thank you for your continued support in the CPAWSB tutor community! Please feel free to update your availability to ensure the information that we will provide to learners is the most up-to-date and reflective of your current availability. Existing tutors who do not confirm their availability may be removed from the CPAWSB tutor list to ensure the list contains only active tutors.

Information for tutoring for CPAWSB learners can be found on the CPAWSB website (Learner Support):

If you have any questions regarding the schedule/calendar of CPAWSB sessions/semesters for PEP or PREP, please visit the following link(s):

1. Request *This question is required.Please indicate your current tutor status (new/existing), and your request (add/update/remove).
2. Consent *This question is required.I consent to this survey collecting my following personal information and disclosing some of this information, specifically:
  • Personal information (first name, email address, city, province of residence, and current role with CPAWSB/CPA Canada);
  • Preference to meet virtually or in-person;
  • Academic preferences;
  • Additional information
to CPAWSB learners for the purpose of contacting me about tutoring services.