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Building Futures Application Form

Overview & Eligibility

The Building Futures Scholarship is now open for applicants to apply for funding for semester beginning in January 2022. This application period will close end of day December 15, 2021.

Thank you for your interest in the Building Futures Scholarship Program. Each application is reviewed by Canadian Natural's Building Futures Advisory Committee. Scholarship amounts will be determined by student’s grades, field of study and relevance to the oil and gas industry, location of the student’s home town in relation to Canadian Natural’s operations, and the student’s community involvement. Financial hardship will also be considered.

The Building Futures Scholarship Program contributes to the ongoing development of a qualified workforce for the future of our industry. Canadian Natural takes great pride in investing in education and our youth, and this program is a critical part of those efforts.

To qualify for the scholarship, student applicants must be a child or dependent of a Canadian Natural employee and/or an Indigenous student from the communities near our operations. These requirements came into effect in 2021 and align with our mission statement, reinforcing the important concept of “developing people.” They also allow Canadian Natural to support Canadian Natural employees and their families, as well as students from the many Indigenous communities near our operations.

Please ensure that you follow the instructions below. We will advise all applicants of our decision by letter. Please be patient as it can take up to three months to process.

  1. Be a child/dependent of a Canadian Natural employee and/or Indigenous (First Nations, Metis and Inuit included)
  2. Be a resident of Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba) for at least one year prior to application. Students from communities where Canadian Natural has operations will receive added consideration
  3. Hold a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  4. Be pursuing an area of study that is relevant to the oil and natural gas industry and/or that supports the communities where these activities occur
  5. Maintain a passing GPA of at least 2.3, which is the equivalent of approximately 70% or a C+
  1. Only one application per student will be reviewed in a calendar year. Do not apply more than once.
  2. Fill in the online application form, make sure all items are completed and all additional information is attached. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed, but will be considered the student’s one application for the year (e.g. no further application can be submitted until the following year).
  3. All questions marked with an asterisk (*) MUST be completed.
  4. Make sure you submit your application at the appropriate deadline date. We must receive your application before you begin the term for which you are seeking funding.
  • Applications for the Spring semester are due on April 15
  • Applications for the Fall semester are due on August 15
  • Applications for the Winter semester are due on December 15 
  • For Programs starting at any other time please submit your application at the deadline date closest to the beginning of the term.
Please note: Scholarships are not available for terms that include co-op placement.
The following items must be included in the application package:
  • The completed application – all items must be filled out and the application must be signed
  • Up-to-date transcripts from any/all high schools or post-secondary institutions you have attended
  • Proof of registration at the school you are attending for the upcoming term (we will accept a school stamp or email from Registrar’s office confirming registration)
  • A letter of approximately one page describing your career plan and community activities. You may wish to include the following:
    • Information on the program you plan to attend, and the time frame for the program
    • The reason you have chosen this area of training or education and your long-term goals
    • Any experience you have that is relevant to the program you are taking
    • Your commitment to successfully complete the program and maintain a passing GPA of at least 2.3, which is the equivalent of approximately 70% or a C+
    • A description of your volunteer activities and how you help better the community where you live
    • Reference letters or letters of recommendation from community leaders, supervisors or teachers are not required but are strongly encouraged to support your request (maximum two letters). References can be a good way of telling our Advisory Committee about your community, volunteer work and leadership contributions
    • Information on any financial hardships you face (optional)
The attachments mentioned above will be required for questions 12-15. We strongly recommend you have all attachments easily accessible and ready to upload before you start filling out the application.
1. Please verify your eligibility for the Building Futures Scholarship *This question is required.