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McArthur Park Concepts - Public Review


In its move to complete a master plan for McArthur Park, Lac La Biche County has developed two potential concept plans for public review. The concepts are built upon a program of research that included the following elements:
  • Community engagement Survey of residents
  • Input collected from community groups and stakeholders
  • Inventory review of amenities – including the new developments at the Bold Center
  • Review of County plans and strategies

Concept plans:
  • Identify elements or components to include in the Park
  • Show how the elements could be arranged and how they fit with existing elements
  • Guide the development of the Park. It is important to know that more detailed planning needs to occur before construction. During the detailed planning, the exact elements of the Park are finalized including their location.

McArthur Park Concepts

Please answer the questions below after reviewing each of the two Park concepts. The responses you provide will be combined with all other responses and used as the County finalizes the plan for McArthur Park. Only a single response per person please.

The two concepts have a lot of similar elements but are different in a few major ways.
  • Concept 1 includes a ball diamond
  • Concept 2 has more green space and includes a skating ribbon
  • Concept 2 includes a skateboard park
Please provide your comments by March 5, 2021.