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May 6th: REMP Extreme Weather Response Workshop

Thank you again for participating in the "Extreme Temperature Response in the Capital Region" workshop hosted by the Regional Emergency Management Partnership in the Capital Region on May 6th, 2021.

Please take a few moments to leave feedback on the event, by answering a few short questions below. We greatly appreciate any and all feedback in order to plan the next steps.

Thank you!
1. What sector are you affiliated with? *This question is required.
3. Participating in this session...
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Increased my understanding of the risk of extreme heat in the Capital Region
Increased my understanding of the health impacts of extreme heat.
Deepened my understanding of populations that are most at risk to extreme heat in this region.
Increased my understanding of what a Heat Alert & Response System is and what other municipalities are doing to address extreme heat.
Helped to identify the sectors and organizations that need to be involved in heat planning in my community.
8. Is your organization interested in working towards a regionally coordinated response to extreme heat?
9. Would you be interested in being included in next steps for heat response planning in the Capital Region?
If you are interested in participating in next steps please share your email address with us, or you can instead send an email directly to Alison Roberts, Senior Project Coordinator with the REMP at: