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2021 International Student Survey

Thank you for participating in the sixth edition of the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) International Student Survey (ISS). This research is made possible through the collaboration and assistance of the institutions that are participating in the survey. 

The 2021 survey offers a unique, national dataset that provides critical and holistic insights on the international student experience in Canada’s post-secondary institutions, from pre-arrival planning through study and post-graduate phases. The survey increasingly supports the international education sector’s capacity to drive informed, innovative practices through increased understanding of the stories, motivations, and perceptions of the international students who choose to study in Canada.

Participation Agreement
By completing this online agreement, you are agreeing to participate in the 2021 International Student Survey, in collaboration with Canadian Bureau for International Education (Hereinafter called "CBIE"), and your institution. Your institution will be recognized as a contributor to this research on our website and in the National Survey Report.