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Lanark County Climate Action

Residential Climate Survey

Thank you in advance for responding to our survey!

Lanark Country is developing a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the whole of Lanark County and Smiths Falls. It will provide an Action Plan for the next 10 years for both County municipal operations (municipal buildings and garages, street lighting, municipal trucks, water and waste) as well as the community as a whole (homes, cottages, businesses, transportation, energy use, agriculture, etc.).

Our local governments control or influence 50% - half - of our Greenhouse Gas emissions through their decisions on buildings, how we transport ourselves, how far apart we are from our homes, work, schools and commercial and civil centres, how we produce food and how we deal with waste. The CAP will identify ways to minimize Greenhouse Gas (GHG) generation.

Climate Network Lanark needs your help to understand where we should best focus our efforts in our contributions to the CAP. 

After completing the survey, you will have the option to enter your name and email address into a draw for one of 4 prizes. 

  • A personal garden consultation with Ed Lawrence
  • A ride in his Tesla Electric Vehicle with Smiths Falls Mayor Shawn Pankow
  • A delicious and climate conscious local food taster pack from Nature's Apprentice Farms and Maplelane Farms 
  • Vegetarian dinner for 2 at a local restaurant - contributed by an anonymous donor

You are invited to participate in a web-based online survey on attitudes towards and behaviours influenced by Climate Change. This survey is being conducted by Climate Network Lanark.  It should take approximately 13 minutes to complete.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You may exit the survey at any time without penalty. You are free to decline to answer any particular question you do not wish to answer for any reason.

You will have the option to submit your name to a prize draw upon completing the survey.

Your survey answers will be sent to a link at where data will be stored in a password protected electronic format. Unless you choose to provide it, Alchemer does not collect identifying information such as your name or email address. Your data privacy is important to us, and your responses will only ever be accessed by our group and for the purposes of the Climate Action Plan. 

At the end of the survey you will be asked if you are interested in providing your name and contact details in order to enter a prize draw and join our newsletter. If you choose to provide contact information such as your phone number or email address, your survey responses may no longer be anonymous to the researcher. However, no names or identifying information would be included in any publications or presentations based on these data, and your responses to this survey will remain confidential.

If you have questions at any time about the study or the procedures, you may contact Climate Network Lanark at

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