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Oro-Medonte Youth Questionnaire

Help us plan the future of parks and recreation!

The Township or Oro-Medonte is creating a Parks and Recreation Master Plan. A Master Plan is a document that will help Township staff and Council plan for parks, trails, facilities and programming for the next 10 years.

It is really important that we hear from youth in Oro-Medonte. Your feedback will help us know which projects should be a priority and the types of programming, events and other activities we need more of.

Please fill out this survey on your own.

For the purposes of this survey, please consider “recreation” to include sports (as part of an organized program and/or casual games with friends), fitness, arts and culture, and other physical activities you do. 
1. What are your favourite three (3) recreation activities?
2. During the school week, what do you normally do after school (from around 3pm to 7 pm)? You can check more than one answer. 
3. What, if anything, prevents you from participating in recreation, sport, and culture opportunities? You can check more than one answer. 
Thank you very much for taking part in this survey! We appreciate it.