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2023 UofM Commuting Survey

2023 UM Campus Commute Survey

A lot has changed in the last 3 years. Has your commute changed? The biennial Campus Commute Survey for students, staff and faculty asks how you travel to school or work, and what factors influence your commuting choices.

UM has recently adopted an institutional Climate Action Plan to combat climate change and outline a pathway to halve its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 2030 and become carbon neutral by 2050. In Manitoba, transportation of people and goods makes up the largest source of GHGs contributing to climate change. In 2019 at UM, transportation was responsible for 29% of emissions, including emissions from commuting, business and research travel, and fleet vehicles.

Individual transportation decisions are complex and influenced by many factors, both personal and structural. To ensure transportation advancements at the UM align with the community, the Office of Sustainability invites you to participate in the 2023 Campus Commute Survey and share your transportation goals and perspectives.

Results will continue to inform strategic planning around infrastructure, education and peer-based programs in support of wellness, climate action, and sustainability goals.

This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Thank you!

To ensure confidentiality, the survey is being administered by Green Action Centre, who only reports the results of the survey in an aggregated format to the University.

Questions regarding the project? Contact the Office of Sustainability:
(204) 474-6121 |

Questions regarding the survey? Contact Beth McKechnie at Green Action Centre:
(204) 925-3777 ext. 102 |
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