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Proposal to simplify and align provincial white-tailed deer hunting seasons


This digital form provides a supplemental commenting opportunity on the proposed changes to simplify and align deer season types and durations across the province of Ontario, as posted on Ontario's Environmental Registry - posting number 019-4637.

This digital form lists the proposed changes to white-tailed deer seasons as detailed in the Environmental Registry posting to allow you to comment on proposed changes of interest. Individuals may skip any proposal they do not wish to comment on. Individuals are encouraged to comment either here or on the Environmental Registry, there is no need to comment on both.

The information collected here will be considered with the information collected through the Environmental Registry before the comment period closes (January 4, 2022) and will be included in the comment summary in the decision notice of this proposal. Information submitted with personal information and/or inappropriate language will be screened consistent with the Environmental Registry comment and privacy policies (

We appreciate you taking the time to review this information and value your feedback.