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Working Together- Wiijinokiiwag Program Information Request

Working Together- Wiijinokiiwag Program Interest Form

Working Together- Wiijinokiiwag is a collaborative community project that is designed to create cultural awareness and community action for creating safer environments for Indigenous Peoples inside of Mainstream Organizations.
The vision of the project is to open doors for new collaborations of healthy and passionate change in society to empower and build bridges of growth for all  within community.

The program is a 1.5 day program with a variety of registration dates available. 
Day One is from 9:15 am till 4:15 pm
Day Two is from 9:15 am till 12:15 noon

*****Registered participants are expected to attend both days to be awarded the completion certificate.****
Some in-person training days will be made available in Summer/Fall 2022- If this is of interest, please contact me directly.

Together we can make a difference!
Let's talk about the steps that can take us there together!

For more information contact:
Heather McIntyre- Project Coordinator- Program Facilitation Lead
1. Contact Information
2. Does your organization provide service, care or support to Indigenous Peoples in Community?
3. Do you currently offer Cultural Awareness Training in your establishment to further educate your organizational staff members on providing safer environments?
4. Do you see this program being delivered to all peoples within your organization or specifically to individual groups?