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CCMG-CCGM Linda Stevens application

CCMG-CCGM Linda Stevens Applicaiont

The Linda Stevens Fund was set up by the late Mrs. Audrey Campbell (Linda's mother) and is named after Dr. Linda Stevens. Dr Stevens was a cytogeneticist at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, who subsequently opted to become a medical geneticist. As she was about to take up the position of starting the genetics program at North York General in Toronto, she passed away in 1982 while undergoing a heart catheterization procedure. The Fund was established to further the training of candidates in a CCMG Fellowship in one of the accredited genetic centres or residents in Royal College Medical Genetics training programs by participating in conferences, attending short courses or workshops, or undertaking training at other genetics centres.
Once per year, the Awards and Nominations committee will evaluate requests for stipends from the fund made by trainees (RCPSC & CCMG) in accredited genetics centres.

  1. Applicants must be trainee affiliates of the CCMG.
  2. The committee will make a decision about eligibility of each application. 
  3. Funds can be requested in order to:
    • Facilitate travel by trainees to other centres to further their training goals.
    • Attend conferences and workshops during training.  It is expected that the trainee will be presenting research at the conference or workshop.
  4. The amount available will be distributed between eligible applicants in a proportional manner.
  5. The amount to be distributed is the fund growth minus 10%.  The fund growth used will be from the most recent completed audit.
  6. Calculation of proportion to be awarded to each applicant:
    Total available for Linda Stevens award divided equally between all applicants up to the maximum requested by each student. Any dollars left over or unclaimed will be returned to the fund.
  7. The maximum amount to be awarded to each applicant during a training period is $1800.00.  For details on the expenses that can be claimed, see Appendix.
  8. A trainee can apply for the Linda Stevens award multiple times during their training, until such time as the maximum amount per person has been awarded.

Deadline is December 17, 2021 for funding of activities taking place from January 1 to December 31 of the following year.
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