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International Network of Tomorrow's Leaders (INTL) Open Call for Members 2022

About INTL

The International Network of Tomorrow’s Leaders (INTL) is a professional learning community (PLC) of the Canadian Bureau for International Education. The mission of INTL is to provide an environment for new professionals and emerging leaders to cultivate professional networks and engage themselves in the community of Canadian international education. 


To be eligible, applicants must have worked no more than seven (7) years in the field of international education in Canada and be employed in a CBIE Member Institution. Diversity is essential to INTL, so the Nominations Committee looks for the representation of diverse regions of Canada, official languages (English and French), sectors (K12, College, University), and fields of practice.  INTL is committed to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion within its community. Applications from racialized persons, Indigenous/Aboriginal People of North America, persons with disabilities, and those who identify as women and/or 2LGBTQ+ are encouraged.

INTL Positions

INTL members contribute to the mandate of this group through work on one of the following committees: Championing, Communications, Conference, Mentorship,Networking or Scholarship, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity. 

Associate Members
  • Commit approximately 3-5 hours per month to contribute to one of INTL’s key initiatives
  • Participate in committees or be assigned to specific projects.
  • Participate in networking activities, including those outside of INTL
Committee Leads
  • Commit approximately 5 hours per month to lead one of INTL’s committees
  • Typically Committee Leads participate in INTL as Associate Members before becoming a lead, however, some exceptions may apply
  • Leads are responsible for leading/co-leading a committee or project, and may also participate in a secondary committee
  • Leads will participate in networking and conference activities and will act as champions for all members of the PLC
  • Leads have the option to renew their term for a second consecutive year

Applications will be accepted until January 21st.
1. Diversity Self-Identification Question (optional)
Applicants can choose to respond to this question. INTL has included this question as a way to capture the diverse representation of applicants. The responses to this question will be kept confidential. Please check the box of any of the below groups that you self-identify with. You may identify as being part of more than one group.