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Wiijinokiiwag Community Storytelling Series with Chris

Wiijinokiiwag Community Storytelling Series

As Indigenous Peoples we take this sacred Winter Season to learn, to grow, reflect and share knowledge with the communities around us! Winter is all about Storytelling and we would like to invite you to join us as we explore the adventures of our featured guests to learn, connect and grow together!

This community event is open to all individuals looking to learn more about Indigenous Culture and Teachings to empower their individual ability to better understand and enhance their working relationships with Indigenous community inside of the Western system of care. It is our goal that with this knowledge we will better support and grow safer Indigenous Cultural Safety Practices for us all to thrive in.

***Registration is required for group access.***
If you have any questions, please contact Project Coordinator & Facilitation Lead- Heather McIntyre at:

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