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En-Abled Accreditation Criteria Input

Here at En-Abled, our goal is to contribute to a more accessible world for individuals with disabilities.

We have partnered with Autism Canada, and are looking to partner with other advocacy groups. We will be consulting with groups, organizations, and businesses, to help them raise their accessibility standards. Once an organization is able to meet our specific accessibility criteria, they will be accredited as 'disability friendly'. Accreditation opens up an organization to countless new opportunities; not only will this certification widen the group's consumer demographic, it will also allow them to retain a more diverse workforce. Most importantly, through accreditation, we can help those with disabilities lead fulfilling lives by broadening their scope of possibilities. 

However, we need your help! We are looking for input from the public with a focus on individuals with disabilities, their friends and families and advocacy groups to help us develop our criteria. This survey will help us to understand which category our respondents belong to as well as what accommodations would be helpful to certain groups and what accommodations are already in place beyond federally and provincially protected rights. 
1. We have made two versions of this survey, the longer version is guided with prompts and examples and covers a few specific questions while the short version allows you to simply give open-ended feedback. While we would like as much feedback as possible we understand that both accessibility issues and time constraints may be a factor for some individuals.  *This question is required.
2. Tell us why you are interested in contributing to our disability friendly accreditation criteria. Select all that apply. *This question is required.
This helps us to contextualize proposed accessibility criteria and spot patterns when it comes to accommodations for individuals with disabilities that may typically get overlooked or those accompanying friends or family with disabilities. For the purpose of this survey "traditional disability" refers to a disability that already has some degree of public understanding and is covered by existing accessibility laws and "hidden disability" refers to a physical, developmental, neurological or mental health condition that impacts your daily life but is not immediately covered by current accessibility accommodations.
2. Do you want us to send you updates and/or follow up questions? *This question is required.
3. How should we contact you? (We will never sell your personal information)

En-Abled is a Canadian initiative Headquartered out of Ontario. We acknowledge that current accessibility standards differ from province to province based on pre-existing provincial acts. Knowing the provincial location of respondents helps us understand where accessibility gaps between current laws and our proposed criteria may hide. We only use province data to give context to survey answers as we work towards developing our criteria. *This question is required.