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Niagara Region Adopt-a-Road Program Application

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Niagara Region has established the Niagara Region’s Adopt-A-Road Program as a public service program for approved citizen/volunteer organizations to pick up litter along approved Niagara Regional road rights-of-way. It is a way for environmentally conscious citizens, community and civic organizations, private businesses, and industry to contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful Niagara Region road system.

Volunteer citizens and organizations participating in the program will enter into an agreement with Niagara Region to adopt a section of a Niagara Region road right-of-way in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined.

In recognition of your support for the program, Niagara Region will erect a sign with the organization’s name or citizens’ names acknowledging their efforts. 
1. This application must be completed by the authorized group representative.
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