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Mozilla User Research 2022.05

We're talking with Mozilla/Firefox users of several different products to learn more about what's working -- and what isn't -- in their experience.

  • In May-June of 2022, we will be hosting 60-75-minute one-on-one video interviews with individual users.

  • A $100 Amazon e-giftcard or Paypal will be emailed to participants who qualify for the study and complete the session, in appreciation for their time. Other payment methods are potentially available.

The following 5 min survey will ask you some questions about how you use Mozilla products to help us find a representative group of Mozilla users who are interested in participating. Only those who qualify will be contacted. 

Please be honest in your answers, as we are interested in working with all types of people! 

This research is being conducted by PH1 Research on behalf of Mozilla. By completing this survey you are opting-in to have a representative of PH1 Research contact you for scheduling or facilitating a research interview. If you have any questions about this research or how it will be used, please contact us directly at or the Mozilla research lead at

Mozilla takes your privacy seriously. Any information provided in this survey will only determine your eligibility for this research study and will not be shared with third parties or used for marketing purposes. Any information collected in this survey will be deleted after 6 months. We handle your information as described in the Mozilla Privacy Policy.