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Stakeholder Document Submission Portal - CAHS HHR Assessment

Policy Report Submissions to the Assessment on the state of Health Human Resources in Canada (Canadian Academy of Health Sciences)

The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences welcomes public policy reports or action plans from stakeholder organizations in order to inform the Assessment on the state of Health Human Resources in Canada. These policy reports and action plans will be considered alongside an extensive review of the existing academic literature, targeted stakeholder consultations, and expert panel deliberations to inform a final report.

Please send us your submissions by July 20, 2022.

We are seeking out reports that:
  • Have been published in the past five years*
  • Include recommendations or strategies related to the Canadian health workforce that could be implemented within the next 2 - 5 years
  • Have relevance to at least one health personnel group 
  • Are based on at least one form of evidence (e.g., data from previous stakeholder consultations, surveys, policy/literature analysis, or expert panel review)
  • Are Pan-Canadian or provincial/territorial in scope*
*We have a particular goal and mandate to consider health workforce issues pertaining to equity-deserving groups. To ensure equitable representation, there are no publication limits for reports focused on these groups (i.e., reports before 2017 can be submitted). Further, regional (i.e., municipal, hospital, or health authority-level) reports specific to the health workforce in relation to these communities can be submitted.