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Squamish Trade and Investment Readiness

Trade and Investment Opportunities

Are you a local business interested in exporting to international markets or seeking investment from abroad?

The District of Squamish is working with the provincial organization, Trade and Invest BC, and the federal agency, Invest in Canada, to market Squamish-based businesses in the United States and in other international markets, to bring Canadian products abroad and foreign investment to Canada. 

If you are a Squamish-based business, please fill out this form to have your company's information profiled with investment representatives. Please note that a member of the District's economic development department or a trade representative may follow up for more information or to provide additional opportunities related to your business. 

Please note that by completing this form you are agreeing to have your business information confidentially shared with Economic Development at the District of Squamish, and representatives from Trade and Invest BC and Invest in Canada. The information you provide will not be made publicly available. 

This form is likely to take around 10 minutes to complete.
1. Do you wish to share your business's export or investment ambitions, with trade and investment representatives at the provincial and federal levels? *This question is required.