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Exchange Studio Membership Application

The Exchange Studio Membership

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What are the Studios at the Exchange?

Located in the Historic Main & Ferry area of Niagara Falls, the Exchange is a 21,000 sq foot facility that encompasses light-filled studio rental space, a café, woodworking shop and large market hall usable for performance, entertainment and special events.
The Studios are spaces where artists can create in a safe, bright, modern and collective environment.  To support the local artistic community, the open studios spaces are accessible to artists at below fair market value. Artists involved with the Studios at the Exchange will participate in a Value Exchange Program (see program details), to encourage community engagement. The intent is to create a positive, supportive, inclusive and collaborative artistic community.

General Eligibility

To qualify for Studio membership, a portfolio review is not required. Applicants should meet basic criteria of a professional artist as defined by the Canada Council as well as provide an outline for a Value Exchange proposal.

Short Term Rentals/Visiting Artists

Short term, one month, workspaces are available on a first come first served basis, limited by availability at the time requested. Artists wishing to either rent a short-term studio or hotdesk must submit their request at least a month in advance.
Artists looking for one month rental must complete the standard studio application forms.    

Application & Selection

Artists, cooperatives and craftspeople who rent studio space are addressed here as “Artists”.  A Membership Selection Committee will be comprised of current Artists. All applications are assessed by the City and its Membership Selection Committee, which is composed of Studio Artists and other potential stakeholders.

Note: When the applicant is an individual artist, the committee does not take into account the applicant’s artwork as part of the selection process. The selection process involves determining which applicants:
  • Are best suited to the space
  • Will make the strongest Value Exchange* contributions
  • Priority given to artists with a Niagara Falls connection
* Value Exchange full description on website

To apply, the following information will be requested
  • General info (name, contact, website, social media, etc.) (PDF named-ArtistNameGeneralInformation.pdf)
  • Artist CV (PDF named– ArtistNameCV.pdf)
  • Statement of Interest (should include: why you are interested in the opportunity, how the space will enhance your artistic/professional development how you propose to use the space (PDF named– ArtistNameSofI.pdf)
  • Short Term applicants may simply include a project that they hope to achieve at their time at the Exchange
  • A proposal for the Value Exchange Program which encourages community engagement. (PDF named– ArtistNameVXP.pdf)

Assessment Process

The City of Niagara Falls recognizes the annual tax-based contribution provided by its residents toward the development, capital maintenance costs and operation of the Exchange buildings and grounds.  

Once the committee and the City have reviewed applications, selected applicants may be interviewed. The City will work with committees to advise on selection. The Membership Selection Committee will assess eligibility based on the Professional Artist Criteria.
  • Dedication to personal artistic practice
  • How will the applicant seek to animate and participate in the building community and the wider
  • Arts community based on their the Value Exchange Program commitment
  • What duration of membership are they committing to (with 1 year commitment receiving the highest marks and lower scores for 6 month, 3 month)
  • What is the applicant’s history of service to local communities, artistic communities, etc.?
The committees may provide a higher score for an individual applicant over a collective. Applications will be held for one year.


Contact Information

This question requires a valid email address.
3. Artists, please upload your Statement of Interest in PDF format.
This should include why you are interested in the opportunity, how the space will enhance your artistic/professional development and how you propose to use the space.
Short Term applicants may simply include a project that they hope to achieve at their time at the Exchange.
(PDF named– ArtistNameSoI.pdf) *This question is required.
4. Please clarify which type of studio space you are looking to rent. *This question is required.
5. How long are you looking to be part of the studio for?
The maximum before renewal is 1 year. The minimum is 1 month for short term projects.  *This question is required.
7. Please Upload your CV in PDF
(PDF named– ArtistNameCV.pdf) *This question is required.
8. Please outline a proposal for the Value Exchange Program.
(PDF named– ArtistNameVXP.pdf) *This question is required.
9. Is this submission fully completed or will you be referring back to add more info at a later date? [You will receive a link from Niagara Falls Culture via email that takes you back to your submission in process. Check your spam filter for it!] *This question is required.