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Slow emergence and low seedling vigour - 2022 survey

Manitoba Canola Growers Association directors and staff are aware of the many challenges our members have faced this spring, including concerns with slow emergence and low seedling vigour. We have been in multiple discussions with groups like BASF, Canadian Canola Growers Association and Canola Council of Canada in recent weeks to bring our members’ concerns forward and seek solutions. We are developing plans for longer term support, and seeking more information from you.  If you face seedling vigour issues or slow emergence this year, please complete this short survey to help us understand how widespread this issue is in Manitoba.
1. Did you experience issues with canola seedling vigour in 2022? 
2. What region do you farm in? (click all that apply) 
3. Were you made aware of the claims deadlines and process? 
5. If we have further questions, may we contact you?  
6. Contact Information