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Canadian Achievement Test (CAT4) Regional Training

This workshop will focus on using information from CAT4 reports to inform instruction in Language, Arts and Math. Attendees will learn how to link CAT4 skills and content to the BC curricular competencies and content, as well as how to develop instructional activities that target areas of need identified in CAT4 reports.

Workshop participants will also learn how to develop simple and targeted classroom formative assessments, which can be used to identify specific gaps in student knowledge and thinking processes. The small-group workshop exercises will involve table discussions, developing targeted instruction plans and activities, as well as developing targeted classroom formative assessments.

Please note that participants will be responsible for paying their own travel and accommodation expenses, as well as all food and incidentals related to travel to and from the event. FNESC and FNSA will pay for the facility, presenter fees, breakfast and lunch (which will be provided at 8:00am and 12pm respectively) during the event. Registration may be limited, depending on interest.

A virtual option is also available on October 4, 2022, please refer to the event flyer and FNSA website page for further information on registration for the virtual workshop.
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