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Ambulatory Care Experience Survey

As an individual who has recently received Ambulatory (Outpatient) Care services through Western Health, we would like your feedback. This survey is part of our efforts to understand how clients view their care experience. Any information that you decide to share will help us identify areas for improvement.  

This survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Your participation is voluntary and will not affect your health care. All information gathered from this survey will be treated confidentially and will be reported collectively. The results will be shared anonymously with health care providers and leadership to support quality improvement. A summary of the survey results will be posted on our website at  

If you have any questions or technical issues with this survey, please contact Tracey Wells-Stratton, Regional Manager Research and Evaluation at (709) 784-6801 or  

Experience surveys provide an anonymous snapshot of the combined experience within the program/area. If you have feedback (concerns or compliments) requiring direct follow-up, please speak with the staff who provided your care or service; speak with their manager, or contact the Client Relations Office by calling the Confidential Client Feedback Line (Toll Free) at
1-833-784-6802 or emailing

We hope that you will take the time to complete this survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

 -  Please answer the questions based on your most recent or current visit.
 -  Only individuals who are over age 16 years, or parents/guardians of those under 16, should complete this questionnaire.
 -  You may skip any questions you prefer not to answer, or feel are not applicable. However, please proceed to the end of the survey and use the SUBMIT button to record your answers and have your responses included in reporting.