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Genome Canada

It is my pleasure to invite you, as a valued member and leader in the genomics community, to complete an important survey, to help shape and inform the future of genomics in Canada.
As you may know, Budget 2021 announced the creation of a Pan-Canadian Genomics Strategy (PCGS). Led by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and the National Research Council (NRC), this national Strategy aims to outline Canada's approach to supporting the commercialization and adoption of genomic technologies and innovations, where data and infrastructure play a critical role. The Strategy included $136.7 million for Genome Canada to kickstart it, and we are pleased to be supporting this important work. 

As we develop our next five-year organizational strategic plan and vision, we are focusing on how critically important a strong and coordinated portfolio of technology and data capabilities is to advancing genomics innovation successfully across the country. Building from our fall 2021 Future of Genomics dialogue series, we are now working closely with ISED, the NRC, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), and Abacus Data, on an information-gathering exercise to understand better the opportunities, challenges, barriers, limitations, and key issues related to genomics infrastructure in Canada. The survey outcomes will shape our work moving forward and inform ongoing PCGS development. 

Your participation is confidential. The information submitted will not be used to identify you or your business/operation directly or indirectly. The results will be compiled and analyzed by Abacus Data, an independent third party and only overall results will be reported and shared with Genome Canada.
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