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This survey seeks your input into Côte Saint-Luc’s next Master Plan, which the City will be drafting in 2023.

The Master Plan is a planning document that sets out the guiding principles and priorities for the development of the city over the next decades. It touches upon how land will be used, and guides decisions about community facilities, green spaces, and transportation.

This completely anonymous 12 to 15-minute survey was designed by City officials with help from an outside consultant. Though it doesn’t cover every aspect of the Master Plan, it gives you a chance to provide feedback on the following issues:
  • Overall views of Côte Saint-Luc
  • Master Plan priorities
  • Specific issues:
    • New developments
    • Home-based businesses
    • Green spaces
    • Adding residential units on a property
    • Making homes bigger
    • Places of worship and religious study
The first few questions in the survey are mandatory. After that, you can skip questions by clicking “Next” at the bottom of your screen. This way you can provide as little or as much input on the Master Plan as you want. All responses will be considered part of the analysis, even if you don’t get to the end.

The results of this survey, along with the feedback we receive at the open house and the briefs presented at the public hearing, will be summarized in a report that will come out in December. The content of this report will guide the City in designing the new Master Plan.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.